At Tien Minh, we also supply many importing product as:
- Mechanical seal
- Brake disc
- Rotary joint
- Instrument, sensors, ...
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Centrifugal pumps

With high quality product, we supplied to many project in food and beverage industry.
Wide range of centrifugal pumps in stainless steel, and in plastics...

Vacuum pumps

We supply new spare, pump and service for Vacuum pump as DVP, TUTHILL, BECKER, BUSCH, ORION,... for many industries as Food and Beverage, Beer, Paper...

Diaphragm pumps and Parts

Tien Minh supply spare and diaphargm pump with many brand : TAPFLO, ARO, WILDEN, SANDPIPER, HUSKY, YAMADA, VERDER AIR, BLAGDON,.. for many industries as :
- Food and...

Air Compressor & Treatment Technologies

Tien Minh carries a wide range Screw air compressor, Oilfree air compressor, VSD Air compressor & Air dryer, filters for all Industries with all of brand...

Food & Beverage Machinery Lubricants

We manufacture and sell only the highest quality industrial lubricants to all types of industries. The advent of ISO-9000 has given us the opportunity...
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