Screw Air compressors & Spare parts

Screw Air compressors & Spare parts

We are imported for air compressor brands as: Sullair, Quincy, SIRC member of Ingersoll rand, Airpol, Compair, Gardner Denver of rotary screw air compressors, Oil-free air compressors. Variable Frequency Speed units also available for maximum energy savings!

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LS110P-160 Series Screw Air Compressors  
LS110P-160 Series Screw Air Compressors  
   WS04-75 Series Fixed Screw Air Compressors             











LS20&20S Series Fixed Screw Air Compressors
 Vacuum Pump











                  Quincy QGF Series (7.5-30KW)                  
               Quincy QGFV PM Series (11-75KW)              
                    Quincy QGD Series (45-355KW)                          
Spare parts and service for compressors
  • Air Compressor Electronikons, Board Controller
  • Air Compressor Gear sets and Bearings
  • Air Compressor Heat Exchanger/Cooler 
  • ( Air cooler,Oil cooler,After cooler and Heat exchangers)
  • Air Compressor Inline Filter Elements
  • Air Compressor Repair and Maintaince Service Kits 
  • (Unloader valve kit,Stop oil valve kit,Check valve kit,Drain valve kit,
  • Minimum pressure valve kit,Intake valve kit,Cooler servce kit,Adjust valve kit,Blow off valve kit )
  • Air Compressor Transducers (Pressure transducer,Temperature transducer,DP Transducer ,Temp switch)
  • Air Compressor Valves (Solenid valve,Thermostatic valve,Intake valve,Minimum pressure valve,unloader complete valve,Auto drain valve,Electric drain valve,Blow off valve,Safety valve,Check valve,oil stop valve,Pressure regulating valve,intake valve,pressure valve,inlet valve regulator )
  • Air Compressor Rubber parts ( Coupling element, Air filter shell,Oil hose,Air hose,Joint hose elbow,Diaphragm,Belt)
  • Air Comperssor Consumable Spare parts ( Air filter,Oil filter,Oil separator,Compressor oils,Lubricants,Roto-Inject Fluid, Ultra Coolant, Oil filter base)
  • Air Compressor Shaft Seal Kits (oil seal,Bushing,Shaft seal kit)
  • Air Compressor Other Spare Parts (Oil level gauge,Cylinder,Safty valve,Belt)
  • Air End 

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