Quincy QGF Series (7.5-30KW)

Quincy Screw Compressor

QGF Series (7.5-30KW) 

·1.2 m3/min~5.1 m3/min @8Bar

Quincy QGF – Product Features:

  •  Compact design, small footprint , ease of installation.
  •  Quiet operation, better working environment.
  •  Wye-delta starter reduces Peak Demand Charges( QGF11-30kW )
  • IP 54 TEFC motor, Class F insulation,380V/50HZ
  • Ease of maintenance, minimized downtime to reduce service cost.
  • Oversized coolers. High efficiency heat exchangers also ensure reliable operation in ambient temperatures up to 46℃ 
  • Total system protection for peace of mind.Unmanned monitoring.

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